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"When the wind of change blows, some build walls, others build windmills."

Our deep technical expertise and understanding of the diffusion of innovation allow us to act as a change catalyst for organizations and for the housing industry as a whole. buildABILITY understands that the uptake of innovation generally requires a simplification of complexity, a demonstration of comparative advantage, an understanding of the end user and manufacturer, a mentoring of trials, and a recognition of the early adopters. As a catalyst for change, buildABILITY works with government, housing product manufacturers, and home builders to mentor and support change initiatives.

The firm has a unique approach to delivering change within the housing industry. This approach can be captured in three words, which are the foundation of buildABILITY’s work: EXPLORE, DISCOVER, TRANSFORM. Below are some recent case studies that describe our unique approach in more detail.

  • The Builder Handbook

    buildABILITY Corporation developed a detailed document outline for a new publication for the Canadian Wood Council (CWC). The firm also established a Steering Committee to advise on the content and format of the publication. buildABILITY subsequently developed a request for proposal (RFP) for the writing and content development for CWC's new Builder Handbook publication. In addition to developing the RFP, the firm also assisted the CWC during the RFP bidding process.

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  • Fire Resistance and Sound Transmission Class Tool

    buildABILITY Corporation developed an online web-based application for users to search, sort, and reference Fire Resistance Ratings (FRR) of wood assemblies approved by the National Building Code. The application included the STCs and FRRs of wall, roof, and floor wood assemblies. The approved wood assemblies are based on the FRR tables in Division B Appendix D Section 2.3 of the National Building Code. STC ratings from Part 9 of the NBC, Table are also included. In total, there are over 2,400 unique assemblies for users to search from.

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  • North Markham Future Urban Area Community Energy Plan (CEP)

    The buildABILITY team recrafted the City’s CEP, rewriting substantial portions which were redundant and focused on areas of strategic impact. The team also created action plans, accompanied by accountabilities that were short-term, medium-term and long-term in nature. The revised CEP addressed seven areas of strategic impact.

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  • Net Zero Energy Housing Communities

    buildABILITY acted as the project manager and lead consultant for one of the federal government’s ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative (ecoEII) supported projects. Over $4 million in funding and in-kind contributions from ecoEII and the building industry supported the construction of at 26 net-zero homes in 4 provinces.

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  • Effective R-Value Web Tool

    We designed, developed, and launched the first effective R-Value calculator and durability rating Web Application for walls. The online application allows designers to easily identify climate zone-appropriate insulated wall assembly options and compare these options with national and provincial energy efficiency prescriptive provisions.

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  • Design and Development of the ENERGY STAR® Multi-Family Buildings Program

    buildABILITY acted as a Design Consultant for the ENERGY STAR® Multi-Family Buildings Program. The program introduces ENERGY STAR® certification for mid/high-rise residential buildings in Canada and aims to reduce consumers' energy costs and support the Canadian government's climate change commitments.

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  • ECC EIFS Design Awards Program Commemorative Book

    buildABILITY designed and produced a commemorative photo book showcasing the Award finalists of the ECC EIFS Design Awards Program. This highly visual photo book contained summaries and photographs of each EIFS Awards Finalist. The photo book was given as unique gifts to each Finalist, judge, and key industry personnel.

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  • ECC EIFS Design Awards Program 2017-18

    buildABILITY undertook all program planning, delivery, and architects and media engagement tasks for the ECC EIFS Design Awards Program 2017-18. The Awards program aims to increase awareness of EIFS as a cladding and address the associated misconceptions by celebrating and supporting outstanding EIFS buildings.

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  • Building a Path for Market Adoption of Dual Fired Boilers in Canada

    buildABILITY conducted studies and analyses for IBC Technologies Inc. and made recommendations on how to expand IBC’s product into new markets in Ontario.

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  • Identifying Challenges and Solutions for Fuel Oil Spills

    A large stakeholder engagement was undertaken for the Canadian Oil Heat Association that examined the nature of residential fuel oil spills, specifically their cause and frequency. The engagement focused on how to reduce the number of residential fuel oil spills, their severity, and their remediation cost. A multi-stakeholder advisory committee was assembled to provide strategic advice by helping to better define the problem and to develop a list of potential solutions.

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  • Our Complete List of Projects

    buildABILITY delivers change within the housing industry through its four lines of services: research and consulting, publications, training development and delivery, and program development. Check here for a full list of the projects the firm has worked on since its inception.

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