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Why Trades Should Care About Net Zero

Written by : on Sep 14, 2016

In the Fall 2016 Premiere Issue of Build Force Magazine, Sonja Winkelmann, Director of Net Zero Energy Housing at CHBA, writes about Net Zero Energy Homes and mentions buildABILITY’s role in the Net Zero Energy Pilot Project:

The five builders were supported by
a strong technical team that guided
them through the initial design process
and helped them address the
particular challenges of applying Net
Zero Energy construction in a production
building environment.

The lead consulting firm was
buildABILITY, and was assisted by
energy advisors from across the country.
The process began with a design
charrette that brought builders and
consultants together to focus on how
best to achieve NZE by adapting
the traditional building techniques
and trades roles typical to a subdivision-
scale production building site.

While a number of NZE homes had
been built in Canada prior to the pilot
project, most involved custom construction
approaches on “one-off” houses,
where a single team of trades and site
managers work together as a team,
through the entire build process.

Production building relies on a more
sequential process where trades cycle
through a site, each carrying out a
specific part of the overall process using
standardized techniques. This results in
a high degree of efficiency, but makes
the introduction of innovative techniques
and a more integrative building process
more challenging.

To read the full article in Build Force Magazine, please visit: http://www.buildforce.ca/sites/buildforce/files/pdf/BuildForce_Magazine_Premiere_Issue_Fall_2006.pdf#page=22