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Press Release: CWC Wall Thermal Design Calculator

Written by : on Jun 25, 2014

Architects and others in the building industry now have a tool to quickly assess the energy efficiency of walls in low-rise housing: the Wall Thermal Design Calculator. Daniels Faculty Adjunct Professor Michael Lio, University of Toronto Rotman student Candice Luck, and Daniels Alumni Ceara Allen and Robert Fiorino (MArch 2013) created the calculator for the Canadian Wood Council in response to stronger energy efficiency requirements put in place by the National Building Code of Canada.

Luck, Allen, and Fiorino are all part of the firm buildABILITY, which is led by Lio, the company’s president.

The new calculator will allow architects, builders, and others, to quickly assess the suitability of wall assemblies for each climate zone in Canada.

The tool was designed in consultation with numerous housing and building envelope experts who participated in an advisory committee. To create it, a hygrothermal and energy analysis was performed on over 150 wall assemblies. The calculator includes information on assembly components, energy and thermal performance, and notes that address ease of construction, affordability, aesthetics, and potential moisture concerns.

“The Wall Thermal Design Calculator represents a new form of construction reference material and makes possible the ability to explore options, compare features, and determine the exact wall assembly that can perform across the range of Canadian climates,” says Lio. “The interactive portal allows housing professionals the ability to access current information from their office, in a meeting, or even on-site through any internet connection.”

The Wall Thermal Design Calculator can be found on the Canadian Wood Council’s website at http://www.cwc.ca/wtd

The original press release can be found here: University of Toronto, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design