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We work with developers, builders, policymakers, architects, planners, and manufacturers to improve the built environment and to deliver positive change within our industry.

We help individuals, governments, utilities, and other organizations understand the challenges that they face and help to facilitate the development of a strategy through our robust research.

We build the tools to support change initiatives. Our publications, online tools, and training help organizations and their markets to adapt to change.

We support market transformation by developing effective programs and mentoring organizations and individuals through the change process.


Research and Consulting

Leading manufacturers, governments and utilities have sought out buildABILITY’s deep insights and builder relationships to support the development of strategy, marketing and sales, and operational initiatives. Clients have relied on the firm’s 30-year expertise in building technology, construction, and building science to explore and resolve pressing challenges. The firm is nationally recognized for its work.

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Publications and Interactive Media

Change must be communicated through a range of media to reach its audiences with simple and clear messages. buildABILITY offers a wide range of publishing services. The firm works with its clients through all phases of the publishing process.

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Training Development and Delivery

Effective training is a key step to wider adoption by building the capabilities to support the change.

Our HCRA-Approved courses are well-recognized across the housing industry.

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Program Development

Assessing how change is adopted is crucial to broaden adoption. Effective assessment allows the plan to pivot with adjustments made to support materials, training programs and delivery structures.

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