Program Development

Change needs to be tried before wider adoption can be considered. A mentored approach to experiencing change that allows for reflection and customization is part of the buildABILITY process.

buildABILITY’s understanding of the diffusion of innovation allows it to act as a catalyst for change and develop and execute effective programs for builders, manufacturers, utilities, and government. buildABILITY understands that program management generally requires a simplification of complexity, a demonstration of comparative advantage, a deep understanding of the end user, a mentoring of trials, and a recognition of the early adopters.  Team members have worked on programs that include: R-2000 Program, EnerGuide for New Housing, EnergyStar, Building Canada, LEEP/TAP, and ecoEII NetZero Housing.

Assessing how change is adopted is crucial to broaden adoption.  Effective assessment allows the plan to pivot with adjustments made to support materials, training programs and delivery structures.  Recalibration continues to lower barriers and capture opportunities.

Our list of services include:

•  Facilitation and stakeholdering

•  Program development, management, and delivery

•  Innovation mentoring

•  Demonstration planning and co-ordination