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Exam Hints

Here are 5 questions that may just help you during your Site Supervision and Project Management exam! Comment down below on what you think the answers are!

1. Good communication and notice to prepare will help a trade be mentally and physically ready to perform quality work. T or F?

2. A clean and safe work environment will naturally improve quality. T or F?

3. Your friend Sam is a site supervisor who thinks his site expenses are too high. Which of the following recommendations would you give Sam in order to control material expenses?
A) Compare material orders to delivery shipping slips
B) Store materials in a secure compound so they don't get stolen
C) Where possible, perform your own foundation cut calculations
D) All of the above
E) None of the above

4. What are the five areas a site supervisor is most typically responsible for?
A) Safety, Landscaping, Framing, Budget, Quality Control
B) Colour selection, schedule, payment, garbage disposal, Quality control
C) Schedule, Quality Control, Site budget, Payment, Safety
D) Schedule, Painting, Safety, Budget, Sales
E) None of the above

5. Which of the following is an example of how to properly store lumber on site?
A) Exposed, in a pool of water in the middle of the site
B) In your neighbours' front yard
C) Off the ground and covered to prevent moisture damage
D) In the back of your truck
E) None of the above

#1. T
#2. T
#3. D
#4. C
#5. C