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[Pre-registration] Tarion-approved Ontario Building Code, Part 9: Housing and Small Buildings


Course Description

This course is the most comprehensive introduction to Part 9 residential home building in Ontario. Learn how to navigate the language in the Ontario Building Code and make your Permit applications easy!

The course will prepare you for the BCIN Part 9 challenge exam, and fulfill your Tarion new home builder requirement.


Course Objectives

Course Core Learning Competencies:
  • Describe the role of the provincial building code
  • Describe How it’s developed (objective-based) and what it accomplishes
  • Identify Who enforces it and the general permit process
  • Describe The difference between minimum compliance (aka ‘meeting the code’) and best practice
  • Identify Who is responsible for compliance and consequences of non-compliance
  • Understand How the building code relates to other codes e.g. electrical
  • Describe Warranty for OBC violations
  • Describe what the building code governs
  • Identify Soil bearing capacity and problematic soil conditions
    • • Geotechnical investigation
    • • Footing sizes
    • • Building on filled ground
  • Identify Structural materials and methods of assembly to reduce damage from movement
    • • Foundations
    • • Superstructure
    • • Roof structure
  • Identify Building envelope and keeping the weather out, and resolve simple issues
    • • Foundation drainage
    • • Insulation and air/vapour barriers
    • • Windows and doors
    • • Flashing and cladding types
    • • EIFS as a drained system
    • • Flashing and roofing types
    • • Flat roofs
  • Describe Sound transmission into residential units, and solve simple problems
    • • No requirements for impact noise but consider mitigating
    • • Lab tests cannot be replicated onsite, therefore consider increasing STC for assemblies
    • • Plumbing and mechanical noise
  • Compare Heating and ventilation systems controlling indoor air quality
    • • Design temperatures
    • • Air conditioning not required
    • • Ventilation equipment, sizing and ducting
  • Define Septic Systems
  • Implement Proper installation of interior finishes


When and Where

Date(s): TBA

Length: 10 days + exam, in-class. Classes are once per week.

Price: $1,199 + HST (BILD Members) or $1,399 + HST (Non-BILD Members)

This course is delivered in partnership with BILD. All registration fees are paid to BILD.

Course price does not include rewrite fee for Exams. Rewrites for failed exams are $150 + HST per attempt.


This is part of the new Tarion Education Criteria as of September 1, 2015 for new applicants proposing to build residential freehold and low-rise condominium under Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code.   For more information on what competencies you need to meet, please visit “Tarion’s Getting Registered Page“.

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