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[Pre-registration] Tarion-approved: Business Planning and Management Workshop


Course Details:

Tentative date: November

Length:  2 days + exam, in-class. Classes are once per week.

Cost: $650 + HST

Course price does not include rewrite fee for Exams. Rewrites for failed exams are $150 + HST per attempt.

Please pre-register to reserve your space. If you have any questions, please contact


Core Learning Competencies 

(as per the Tarion Builder Education Cirriculum)

Explain Business Vision, Objectives and Goals
i) Describe Statement of vision, objectives and goals
ii) Explain Statement of company rationale, values, directions and risks
iii) Explain Statement of ethics
iv) Explain Products and services

Integration with Financial Plan
i) Understand Purposes of financial plans
ii) Explain Pro-forma statement of operations (income statement)
iii) Explain Pro-forma statement of financial position (balance sheet)
iv) Explain Cash flow estimates
v) Explain Mark-ups

Marketing Plan
i) Explanation of terms: market research, marketing, marketing planning
ii) Describe Market research methods
iii) Describe Elements of marketing planning: market environment, target market, positioning, pricing, strategy, sales strategy (public relations plan, advertising plan and referrals plan)

Operating Plan
i) Describe different business forms (i.e. sole proprietorships, partnership, corporations, limited partnerships, partnerships of corporations) and some pros and cons of each model
ii) Describe the major functions of a residential business: land acquisition, house designs, estimating, contract administration, quality control, customer service and waste management
iii) Describe how to use management control systems (general, construction management, site management)
iv) Know how to assess business goals and evaluate performance against objectives using sales and financial measures
v) Give examples of Protecting the business: overview of insurance and Construction Lien Act
vi) Explain why and when a new/updated plan should be developed
vii) Managing change: Give examples of when changes to one part of the business plan affect other parts.
viii) Explain Importance of communications to business success, construct guidelines for effective communication.


This is part of the new Tarion Education Criteria as of September 1, 2015 for new applicants proposing to build residential freehold and low-rise condominium under Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code.   For more information on what competencies you need to meet, please visit “Tarion’s Getting Registered Page“.

Please note: This is a technical workshop intended for persons wishing to become a Tarion registered homebuilder. buildABILITY reserves the right to limit registration to individuals with the necessary demonstrated prerequisite knowledge and expertise.

If you have not cancelled yourself from the seminar within 48 hours or less prior to its commencement and you didn’t show up, you will be charged a full fee.

If you need to cancel yourself from a seminar and it is 48 hours or less you will be able to send someone else from your organization.

A full refund of the paid amount (less $75 + HST Administration Fee) will be issued for cancellations made up to 48 hours prior to the seminar. (Cancellations must be received by phone or email)

Rescheduling, relocating, or cancelling events is at the discretion of buildABILITY Corporation. Should this happen: we will provide a notice 5 days prior to the seminar, you will not be charged.

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